Our Team

We work as a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who share in our vision and are part of executing our mission.

Our team comprises public relations practitioners working along with translators and interpreters of different languages.

The advantage in the quality of our services is in our ability to recruit those with a high degree of proficiency in foreign languages as a result of foreign extraction or background, education or training in foreign countries and length of stay in a foreign country.

For our translation and interpretation jobs, we lay emphasis on a second opinion. We take at least 2 interpreters to events and assign at least 2 translators to any given job.

The following make up our team of translators and interpreters and linguistic instructors:

HENRY MOTUTU: He is head of the Public Relations Department. He has lived, studied and worked in French speaking countries like Gabon and Cameroon. He is also a trained journalist who is a freelancer with media houses like DAAR Communications, owners of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and Ray power F.M radio station. He has worked as editor/translator for Le Clezio Magazine, first bilingual (French/English) magazine in Nigeria.

BRENDA MOTUTU: Fluent in French and English, she studied in Cameroon and gained work experience as a church interpreter and a teacher. She currently coordinates the French training programme of the Nigeria Police Force.

KASHIM SULEIMAN: Studied Italian in the university and extended his training in Italy at Universita per gli stranieri studenti, Reggio Calabria, Italy. He is versatile both as a teacher as a translator and interpreter.

NKONO JEAN ALBERT: He speaks French, English, German and Spanish. He lived, schooled and worked in Cameroon. He has handled big events for organizations like FIFA and the World Medical Association. He also has several years of teaching experience in foreign languages.

GILBERT KIMENG: He is fluent in German and English. He studied in Germany and has worked in Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire. He is also trained in public relations.

ANTAI JOHN: He spent a greater part of his life in Spain and Equatorial Guinea before returning to Nigeria. He is highly proficient in Spanish.

AKINJIDE AJAYI: He is an expert in Russian. He studied in Russia and is well known by Russian diplomats in Nigeria.

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