Our mission is based on a need to give quality services to our clients in view of the growing interest in French especially, in Nigeria; not forgetting the need for other foreign languages.

The interest in French today in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. French seems to be quietly making its way as the second language, albeit unofficially. Today, in careful observation and out of experience, it is a matter of immense prestige for those who can communicate in the language. Even for job seekers these days, knowledge of the language could simply make the difference between two candidates.

Nigeria today has a bigger French speaking population than ever before. Globalization and other factors explain this current trend.

Also, there is the ever-present diplomatic community with its watchful eyes on developments in the country. Furthermore, the nation is surrounded mostly by French speaking countries like Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Benin Republic.

Our objectives are:

Meeting the growing need for the French language in Nigeria through creative projects like corporate training and training of officials of government agencies such as the Nigeria Police Force among others.

Bridging the communication gap between Nigeria and her West and Central African neighbors and the rest of the Francophone world.

Using French as a tool for public relations.

Raising interest in French and other languages in Nigeria through our programmes and awareness campaigns.

Providing quality translation and interpretation services through our staff with Francophone background and with high proficiency in other languages.

Training more translators and interpreters at a level to prepare them to excel in the face of competition.

In view of our objectives, we are determined to take the use of languages to another level, not just stopping at the level of translation and interpretation at events. In this regard, we hope to raise interest in languages nationwide and provide quality services as translators and interpreters. This gives us room for greater creativity and makes us unique in our field.

Mission Statement/Objectives

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